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times that two other companies combined yesterday, and then of course we had american airlines and u.s. air -- >> i think it was mcdonald's and burger king if i read twitter right yesterday. >> bill: yes that was a hoax. >> on the sequester we're taking comments on twitter @bpshow. mkw says sequester is happening because the super wealthy don't want to invest more in america. democrats are willing to compromise. and we talked about how colorado is welcoming pot tourism to their state. don griffith says in a way the new pot laws in colorado will save a lot of people money on trips to amsterdam. >> bill: there you go. grown in america smoked in america. nancy where did the sequester come from? who's idea was it? was it really president obama's idea? what are the facts? >> bob woodward's book about the budget-control act, and the debt ceiling talks are the best account of how this came to be. and according to that book, the idea was originally the white house's. they took the legislative language that had been there before -- >> bill: this is when -- if i can just --
in june during his sentencing so the u.s. attorney for washington was asked about that yesterday. the press conference. he looked okay to me. he had one of the best attendance records in congress. he was able to make a speech at the '08 democratic national convention. he didn't look that bad. that's a pretty good comeback. also this is a 7-year scheme. from 2005 until 2012. he really -- if he was that sick -- maybe they'll say he had a spending addiction or something. >> bill: now, just to bring you up to date on more of the publicity that you have this morning. you may not have read dana millbanks column in the post but he also mentions you and the fact that apparently as a former congressman was leaving the courtroom, he spied you and had a message that he wanted you to deliver. >> yes. that's the kicker of my column in the "chicago sun-times." he came to me. it was rather dramatic moment, bill. he came up to me. he took my hand. he held it. and he said and you have the quote in front of you. so tell me the quote exactly o o -- >> bill: tell my friends in chicago i'm sorry i le
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2